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Flowers Inspired by Hawaii's Nature

'Okika is a Honolulu based floral studio led by Paiko founder and 'OHI author Tamara Rigney. Our designs are loose and organic, and much as possible we use locally sourced flowers, usually from small family farms. Each 'Okika project receives a unique design treatment, accounting for the season, the venue, and the vision of our client. 

Our Team

tamara rigney


founder & creative director

For Tamara, flowers are a way of life. Raised in Honolulu, Tamara was always fascinated by flora, and spent her childhood stringing lei and climbing trees. A BSLA in landscape architecture from Colorado State University helped shape her design sense, and after college she began creating floral installation for luxury boutiques in Waikiki. Tamara founded the botanical boutique Paiko in 2012, and published the book 'OHI A Guide to Gathering and Arranging Hawaii's Flora in 2016.




kenna reed
jordan lee okika


Raised by a fashion executive and a general contractor, Kenna Reed was born on the island of O’ahu. Spending her summers playing on her relatives flower farm in Japan, traveling the world with her dad, and attending fashion weeks in New York and Paris with her mom, Kenna was able to develop a global understanding of the world around her at a young age. She spent time in schools in Massachusetts and Oakland, and on a summer internship at MA’O Organic Farms in Waianae Kenna realized how much she missed Hawaii and decided to move home.

 Wishing to be an inspiration to her daughter, Kenna decided to take a leap of faith by pursuing her passions, finding herself in the heart of Kaka’ako working as a freelance art assistant and photographer. In her free time, Kenna finds herself gardening, working on her photography business and surrounded by nature, hiking mountains and hunting waterfalls.






After spending a decade in San Francisco, Jordan Lee decided to return to home in Hawaii. He graduated from The Academy of Art University with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture & Design all while getting his feet wet within the field of visual merchandising.  Jordan fell in love with visuals instantly and later found himself working with companies such as Diesel, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton over ten years later.

Jordan and his husband Matt were one of the first residents of the new Kaka'ako residential development, moving into the neighborhood shortly after Paiko first opened its doors.  He quickly gravitated towards the shop's vibe and aesthetic, reminiscing about shops he favored in the Bay Area.  His dogs, Lola and Phiefer, are crowd favorites and can often be found lounging on the sales floor.  When he's not working with 'Okika he's doing visuals at Paiko, freelancing in visuals, and running his pet supply boutique, The Public Pet.